Mohu MH 004061 Sky HDTV Antenna Coupon – Mohu MH-004061

Mohu MH-004061 Coupon Codes April 2014

Mohu Sky HDTV Antenna

Mohu Sky HDTV Antenna

The Sky HDTV Antenna is the newest addition to the Mohu family and offers a completely new take on the traditional rooftop antenna. For starters, the Sky boasts the most powerful, omnidirectional antenna solution for greater signal reception at an even better price. Tired of having to constantly readjust your rooftop antenna? Look no further than the Mohu Sky! Much like the Leaf, the Sky does not have to be constantly readjusted for optimal signal strength, which certainly beats having to use a clunky rotor to watch your favorite shows. Typically receives broadcasts from all- directions- even those that existing directional antennas cannot! With the Sky antenna, users will not have to settle with a big, bulky and boring rooftop-mounted antenna for ideal performance. After all, who says you can’t have a top-performing outdoor antenna that’s easy on the eyes? Can also be easily mounted in attic for those sensitive appearance situations with Homeowner Associations, etc. The Sky features a low noise state-of-the-art digital amplifier to increase the signal range and improve the quality of the HDTV signals. The amplifier is powered via a USB port located on the power injector, which allows you to power the amplifier using an open USB port on the back of your TV. The advantage of doing so is that the amplifier will only draw power when the TV is turned on, eliminating parasitic power consumption when the amplifier isn’t needed. If you do not have an open USB port on the back of your TV or you wish to power multiple televisions, the Sky also includes a power cube that will enable you to power the amplifier using any standard AC wall outlet.

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Mohu Coupon April 2014

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28 thoughts on “Mohu MH 004061 Sky HDTV Antenna Coupon – Mohu MH-004061

  1. Goodbye Cable

    We got rid of cable and hooked this up to the old cable wires. Now my entire house can receive over the air digital television. We live in a hilly area with a lot of trees and obstructions. I’ve tried many other products but the transmission towers are right on the fringe of being to far away. This antenna has by far given me the most channels and the clearest picture. A word of warning if you have squirrels. I had to spray repellent on this after watching a squirrel try to gnaw on the plastic. We no longer have that issue now. Installation took me about fifteen minutes and was very straight forward. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Mohu Sky

    Living 30 mi. from brodcasts is a plus but reception is fantastic, especialy when cable costs are constantly rising and becoming rediculous!

  3. Mohu Sky Is One Of The Best

    I live in a mountainous area so getting good reception is a chore. I have tried several different antennas (RCA 751, RCA 800, and a couple of others) and the Sky is by far the best reception with the least amount of effort. It also looks unobtrusive and is lightning resistant. It DOES matter how it is oriented, so you have to experiment with the positioning. I am using it for 3 TVs (hooked it into an existing Dish connection) and the signal is strong enough for all 3. It doesn’t look like it would work so well, but in this case you get what you pay for.

  4. Not Worth The Money!!

    We bought this antenna because it is advertised as extremely powerful. It isn’t! But it is expensive at $170. We wanted to receive our local PBS stations which our other TVs with antennas will not do. So I order it and installed it in our attic. The PBS stations came in but were so badly pixelated that all three were unwatchable. As an experiment I put a pair of RCA amplified rabbit ears (cost $40) in the same attic location. All three PBS stations came in beautifully. Needless to say this antenna is headed back to Amazon.

  5. Meh

    Bought this antenna hoping to get some more channels in than the mohu leaf we have. Not too impressed. We live 60 miles from NYC and within 50 miles of Hartford channels. This added 2 more channels than the leaf. It is mounted on our roof. Don’t know what else to do. Might have to get a more powerful antenna. Thought that this would do it. Pretty pricey for the added 2 channels.

  6. Didn’t Work

    It didn’t work at all for us. Returned it. Even tried buying a converter, but that didn’t make it work either.

  7. Great

    Great product..when the weather is clear. Hooked up 4 tv’s with no problem. Fast shipping. Would recommend to friends. Thanks!

  8. Roof Antenna

    Brings in a lot of channels. Have been experiencing some interference on channels that hadn’t had problems with our old antenna. All in all, I am pleased with this product and would recommend to all who don’t want to pay the high cost of cable tv.

  9. Excellent!

    It is a good antenna, everything works as expected, it is not a satellital antenna but it also captured some non-encrypted satellital channels (a little fuzzy)

  10. Not A Single Station Detected

    I tried the Mohu Sky, RCA ANT751R and Antenna’s Direct C2-V-CJM based on user reviews. I live in the valley of a hilly terrain, but have many towers within 30 miles of my home. The Mohu received no signals, period. The RCA needed to be turned in different directions to receive the available channels, netting a total of around 15 stations, but only one of the 4 major networks. The Antenna’s Direct also needed to be turned to receive various channels, netting roughly 8 stations, none of which were of the 4 major networks. I was hoping to cut the cable TV service, but I really would like to keep the local network channels. Hopefully they’ll all be streamed before too long.

  11. Underwhelming

    I, like many others, have canceled my cable service due to the fact that I was sick of paying outrageous monthly bills to just watch commercials and maybe 3 channels. I have Amazon Prime through my Xbox 360 so I really only needed an antenna that was able to pick up a few local channels. When I was researching what was available these days for HDTV antenna’s, the Mohu Sky kept popping up as the best available. I checked out the Mohu website and put in my zip code to find out that I would be able to pick up. The search came back with 25+ channels including CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX.

    Bam, that’s all I wanted. Ordered.

    Fast forward to receiving it and installing it. The installation was pretty simple if you don’t mind climbing on your roof (or another elevated part) of your house. Comes with a bracket that attaches to your roof and then you attach the antenna part to that. Run the coax cable from the antenna to amplifier then plug it into the back of your TV.

    Here is where I ran into my first problem. The amplifier needs to be either plugged into an AC adapter (that comes with the unit) or into a USB port on your TV for power. I opted to try the AC adapter and the moment I plugged in into the wall, it made this weird hissing sound and caused a small spark in my outlet. I thought for sure I might of damaged the amplifier or worse, the TV. Lucky for me the TV was fine, but I couldn’t tell if the amplifier was ruined or not. Just to test to see if I was able to get any channels, I scanned the channels on my TV with the hissing AC adapter plugged in and was only able to pick up 5 channels which amounts to 2 PBS stations.

    I thought for sure that something was damaged as the Mohu website said I should be receiving 25+. Long story short, I called the Mohu customer service (which is great) and told them about the faulty AC adapter and they promptly send out a entire brand new unit.

    So I received the new Sky HDTV package and decided to replace everything (Antenna, Coax, Amplifier and AC Adapter) just to be safe. When everything was installed and ready to go I hit the channel scan again.

    5 channels.

    I was floored. I went through all this trouble for nothing. I even went up on my roof again (third time now) and moved the antenna to the opposite side of my house to see if it made a difference.

    5 channels.

    So unfortunately, I will be returning the Sky HDTV as it did not work for me. I live within the 60 mile radius for the TV towers, but I think you need a crystal clear shot with zero obstructions to get anything near that range. I would definitely do research on how close the TV towers are where you live before you make this purchase as the safe range would be anything within 30 miles or so.

    The reason I did give this a 3 star review is because the PBS channels I did get came in beautifully with amazing quality and the customer service was great. I just wish I was able to receive the 25+ channels that I was supposed to be able to get.

  12. A Dissappointed Amazon Customer

    I purchased the item August 5th, did not get the signals I was hoping to get, and the part where u attached the coaxial cable too fell from the antenna. was very disappointed :(

  13. No More Paying For Local Channels

    Don’t have to pay for local channels anymore which saves us money. Install was easy and we get great picture

  14. Finally Free Of Cable, Saving Tons Of Money!

    This antenna is awesome! It works wonderfully and it was able to pre-scan all the local stations (ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, FOX) in HD. I will no longer pay money to the grubbing cable company! I highly recommend this if you only watch basic stations and don’t need the rest of those useless cable channels.

  15. Bye Bye Cable

    I’m one of those who ditched cable for Roku and an antenna. All the over-the-air broadcast stations in my area transmit from the same mountain location and this is less than 30_miles away. I tried the indoor Leaf version and it worked OK but I was still sporadically missing a few channels, particularly in the evening. TV engineers told me I needed the outdoor version mounted at 30_feet up. Well I split the difference, got the Sky and put it up on the porch facia which is less than 10_ft. It works GREAT. Just for grins I took it up to the roofline and it wasn’t any better, most of the channels are at full bars already so I left it mounted low. Been up several weeks and suffice it to say I am very happy with the purchase. Give the thing a chance. Digital signals are line-of-sight and are not nearly as forgiving as old analog TV signals. Do some trial and error to find what works best for you. The unit was shipped promptly, it’s a snap to put up, and I used some of the small parts cannibalized from my sat dish which is now defunct! Who could want more?

  16. 5 Stationd Not Received

    Five stations my old antennae picked up, could not be received. The stations are only 5 miles away. Call to manufacturer was not helpful, no advice offered on how to fix this. Product returned without difficulty.

  17. Didn’t Work For Me

    First off, let me say that this is a quality unit. Well made, well packaged, and the instructions are concise. The problem I had with it was that it didn’t work as well as the cobbled together unit I am currently using. The picture quality was impressive but, although I gained three channels I didn’t get before, I lost six channels I previously had. Three of those six were our favorites. So, it’s being returned because it didn’t meet my expectations.

  18. Great Antenna

    This is a great antenna and easy to install, it ships with everything you need for installation. I just mounted it near where my satellite dish used to be and used the same coaxial cable. I get a great picture and ran it to a Tivo DVR so I can record all of the shows we enjoy.

  19. Same As The Old Antenna

    We had an old style antenna in the attic and with the switch to digital signals went from 4 channels to 1. We are about 40 miles from most of the transmitters so I hoped this antenna would help. It did not improve our signal.

  20. Works Great

    We are twenty five miles from town and this antenna picks up all of the local channels. We had tried the leaf antennas but the channels kept fading in and out. This one keeps them sharp even in bad weather.

  21. This Thing Rules

    I was very hesitant to cute the cord, even more so because my husband and I were moving into a home surrounded by foothills and according to TVFool we were going to need a 30 foot antenna to get more than 3 channels. My husband finally convinced me and while doing antenna research, I stumbled across the Mohu Sky really quickly. 4 days later we were receiving over 110 channel crystal clear from the roof of our single story home.

    What cemented my love for Mohu is what happened next. While switching out an HDMI cord my husband pulled on the TV a little too hard and broke our amplifier cord. We tried to fix it, but were now only getting 20 channels and missing certain major networks. He called Mohu the next day, told them honestly what happened and they immediately shipped out a replacement amplifier. Now we’re back to the full roster we had before and officially Mohu fans.

    In short: Tired of paying $80+ for cable when all you watch is NBC and Netflix anyway? Stick it to Time Warner and get yourself one of these.

  22. Excellent HDTV Antenna, Save On Cable/sat

    This HDTV Antenna is great. We now can receive all the channels that did not get picked up with the previous antenna. Quite easy to install and came with a long coax cable. We might even buy a 2nd one for the other side of the house. A bit expensive but worth it. We refuse to pay for cable or sat.

  23. Did Not Work For Me

    installed this but it failed to recognize any channels – returned it and got the RCA Ant175R which worked far better for less money

  24. Bye, Bye, DirecTv

    Tired of paying for repetitive programming from the satellite. Heavy fees for junk. The Sky gives me the TV , local and network, that I wish and I don’t lose the signal when the afternoon rainstorms start and the clouds shut down the satellite.

  25. Great Product To Cut The Cable Cord

    Great packaging. Clear directions and very nice labeling / numbering of the parts. I also liked the fact that Mohu is indicating from pictures, you can run your whole house through the single Sky antenna. The picture of the ‘HOUSE’ on the box was a nice. I am running 3 TV’s off the installation and got 26 channels to watch. I do have structure wiring though out the whole house which make the installation very easy.
    Anyone wanting cut the cable from their vendor this is a great solution. I saving $ 840.00 over the year by doing this.

  26. Easy To Install, Great Signal Strength!

    I replaced my satellite TV with this antenna and a Roku. It was the best move. The antenna installed without any hassle on top of the house. All of the hardware and connections are included. I live directly in the middle between Milwaukee and Chicago and I receive both cities network programing. Great product!

  27. WOO HOO

    I bought the leaf antenna also for a single tv. This one is for the main one in the living room. After having to move it around a bit we settled on a place. It brings in a lot of channels but for us there is interference when the thunder storms kick up. We are outside Atlanta and most channels that we are interested in come in fine the majority of the time so were happy. I also got Roku boxes to supplement the antenna. You have to give up some things with an antenna verses cable but if you can do it, this is the way to go. I like having the extra savings of not having to fork money over to the cable company, especially for channels that I don’t watch. But between the antenna and Roku I have well over the channels I had with cable and have saved enough to upgrade the internet connection, and buy Netflix and Hulu Plus and still have money to save. That works!!!

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